#SunchatBloggers: Taking Risks & Supporting Each Other

On August 14th, I got up early for #HackLearning and #sunchat. Here on the west coast, that means setting my alarm for 5:15 on a Sunday morning to be ready for the 5:30am & 6:00am chats, respectively.

Earlier that week, I was talking with a few friends about how blogging has been a big challenge for me. I’m finally reaching a point where I almost feel comfortable with blogging, but not yet confident. As I thought about this after the conversation, I realized what I most wanted is a group of people to support my blogging journey.

After talking with a few people during #sunchat, I realized I wasn’t alone in my blogging struggles. I tossed out the idea to start a DM group to support our blogging journeys. Other people jumped on board that week and in the 2 weeks since.

Our DM group is on fire, and we have quite a few people who have just started their blogging journey by posting their first post! Some members are more experienced bloggers, have had the opportunity to share their wisdom. No matter the experience level, everyone’s contributions are valued and celebrated.

One of the best parts of this group is that we make it a point to not only read each other’s blogs (we all have some sort of feed set up to see new posts, I use feedly), but also to leave comments. So often, I publish a blog post, and I’m not sure if anyone is actually reading. When we make it a point to comment, we are reading the blog post with a purpose, and providing valuable feedback and encouragement.

I’ve loved watching our group grow over the last two weeks, and I can’t wait to see how this journey unfolds for us all.

Interested in joining our #SunchatBloggers DM group? DM me on Twitter, and I’ll add you in!

13 thoughts on “#SunchatBloggers: Taking Risks & Supporting Each Other”

  1. Mari, this was such a great idea! Thank you for getting the group up and running. I'm feeling supported in my blogging and inspired by all the blogs I read. It's true that when reading to comment I'm more mindful and pay attention to details, helping me learn from everyone. It's amazing that one small tweet could grow so quickly!


  2. Now I feel like a slacker… if you can get up for #sunchat at 5 AM I should too! Thanks for bringing this process to light.'s awesome to be a part of but it also highlights the importance of collaboration!! #sunchatbloggers


  3. I remember seeing that tweet and thinking, “Yes, that is exactly what I need!” I started blogging this summer, but the motivation can be hard to keep up if you aren't sure if anyone is reading (and if you have anything that's worth saying). This group has got me more and more excited about blogging!


  4. So happy to have found another tribe thanks to Twitter and teachers like you. Thanks you for creating a space where we can encourage and support each other as we share our unique learning journeys. I hope that others will be inspired to try out blogging. It is an excellent way to not only reflect on your practice, but also share your learning with others. This group is helping me to also incorporate a new practice which I wasn't doing enough of, and that is adding a comment to the blogs I read to help grow the conversation.


  5. “I almost feel comfortable with blogging.” I know this point, the one where I'm comfortable with a certain level of perpetual discomfort. Thanks for making this an inviting shared space, Mari — even one that welcomes unease.


  6. Thanks to Marilyn McCalister for sending me a link to this blog. I think it is really awesome that a group of educators are collaborating, encouraging, and providing thoughtful feedback for one another. So awesome!


  7. I sincerely love my fellow #sunchatbloggers! Whether they realize it or not they have helped me begin to tackle this blogging thing! Looking forward to continued learning and growth! It's always so much easier when you have likeminded folk to share the journey!


  8. Mari, so impressed you set an alarm for Twitter Chats! But wanted you to know that people are reading your blogs and learning so much from them – thanks for sharing! I started blogging early this year, but slacked over the summer. Need to get back on that. I really did enjoy the outlet. Thanks for your post


  9. I saw a tweet about this and almost told you add me (because I want to get back to regular blogging), but then I didn't want a ton of messages stressing me out. Instead, I'm just going to make an effort over Fall Break to set up a new routine. Thanks for sharing your learning!


  10. Thanks for starting the DM group on Twitter Mari! It is really helpful to have a tribe of fellow bloggers to take inspiration from and get support from. And I hope along the way, I will also do that for others… 🙂


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